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Life & Success Coaching

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January 11-13, 2019
Location: Newport Beach, CA
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Reiki I Certification 

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Location: Newport Beach, CA
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Vibrant Vision

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December 1-7, 2018
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Chakra + Karma workshop

Digital Course
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Maximize Your Mindset 2019

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Friday, January 11, 2019
Location: Costa Mesa, CA
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Setting Achievable Outomes

Digital Course
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Work with Me Personally (Mindset Coaching)

A shape-shifter is one that's able to change identities at will.

Your identity is the deepest part of your subconscious mind. As a spiritual alchemist, I help you access that part of you and shape-shift your dis-empowering identities, beliefs and values to more empowering and enlightening ones that are in alignment with your souls purpose.

By using my exclusive blend of NLP, TIME Techniques, Visualization, Guided Subconscious Techniques, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Shamanic Healing Practices, and powerful Mindset Coaching, together we access your "mental blind spots” and go deep into your subconscious mind, where your deepest desires and purpose lie, and gain unlimited empowering information about you.

This process is designed for you to get to know yourself in the most intimate way, so you begin deciphering what motivates, drives, and inspires you, in order to create a life that’s in complete alignment, leaving you feeling happy, content and fulfilled. 

It takes a unique person to commit to this type of inner exploration, in order for me to know you are the right kind of person, please fill out the application by clicking on the link below. 

Sacred Healing Therapies
Each Sacred Healing Session is tailored to your unique needs in the moment. Please call for details about each of these unique therapies.

Sacred Journey Therapy
Cranial Sacral Therapy
Soul Retrieval
Shamanic Healing
Chakra Alignment
Miasm Release
Multi-Dimensional Healing
Generational Healing
Reiki Energy Healing
Guided Subconscious Technique

Personal Powerful Breakthrough Day
If you are determined to get massive results, release limitations, ignite your inner strength and reach levels of happiness and success you didn't even know were possible...

I'm ready to help you with that!

I take coachable, motivated woman like you, and turn on the after burners, breakthrough, and reach the ultimate levels of success you know you deserve but just don't know how to get it.

My results driven mindset work is a compilation of everything that I have studies, learned, trained in, practiced and been certified over the span of my entire life. I've learned, grown, struggled, been challenged, been blessed, some say "lucky" which I don't believe in, but we will get to that later...I've have had major highs, and major lows, and everything in between. I've been stuck, sad, angry, frustrated, lost, dug deep and I've moved through the eye of the needle to get to where I am today.

I've learned through the good times as well as extremely tough times that MINDSET has everything to do with the end result of those times.

Only you can determine your mindset and there are many layers to it. What is your default mindset? Is it empowering or dis-empowering? How would you like to have an automatically empowered mindset? As I'm sure you're consciously aware, an empowering mindset free from anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, limiting beliefs and limiting decisions will allow you to reach levels of success and happiness you have only dreamed of. The only hang up is you weren't taught how to get there. This is where I come in.

As a results driven mindset coach, I guide you to unleash the inner Vibrant and Alive part of you that's ready to align and be fully self-expressed. I help you get to the core of what's automatically driving you, disengage it if its dis-empowering and install new empowering beliefs that will give you the results you are looking for. I have many tools to get you where you want to easily and naturally. You will find this process quite enlightening and fun.YOU are on the edge of a massive breakthrough!

You're ready, aren't you.
Mind and Body Detox Program

Detox and Realign the Mind and Body with Customized Bodywork and Mindset Work.

This exclusive program was carefully designed because we live in an extremely busy world and that creates a special type of stress and toxicity in our lives beyond exhaustion, overwhelm and fatigue. 

Regular body AND mind “cleansing” has become necessary but dreaded by most. So we took the dread out and created a fun, relaxing yet rejuvenating program that you will absolutely love!

This detox program is specifically designed to provide you radical changes in your physical and mental self, which allows you to be physically and emotionally healthy, as if you have a brand new chalk board in front and a fresh piece of chalk in hand, and now you are able to create exactly the life you desire without the old baggage.

It’s designed to help you release physical and emotional built up stress, tension, toxins, anxiety, worry,  old beliefs and decisions that no longer serve you.

It will help you become emotionally current, more grounded, happy, and powerful which will naturally allow you to see the exact life you desire magically unfold. Our step-by-step approach that has proven success.

If you are ready and you truly want a vibrant life full of happiness, fun, love, success, and fulfillment, we're ready to guide you with this integrative approach. Click below for details of this exclusive program:

Join The Tribe

Are you...

Determined to become the BEST version of yourself, right now. Committed to unleash your limitless potential. Ready for a quantum leap. Committed to your spiritual path. Searching for other like-minded powerful souls... Value yourself enough to invest in YOU?

You're invited to join the exclusive VIP Tribe and gain instant access to the Vision Vault.

At Vibrant and Alive NOW, we offer VIP treatment all around. When you join the tribe you will gain instant access to the Vision Vault, an exclusive MEMBERS ONLY section where all of the amazing life changing digital mindset courses, shape-shifting guided meditations and visualizations, empowering hypnosis recordings, action worksheets, inspiring e-books and so much more is at your fingertips.

On-Line Courses and Resources

You are busy. You are limited on time and energy, yet you desire MASSIVE results in your life and LOVE learning from the comfort of your own home or office.

Or you might be like me and turn your "drive time" into "learn time".  I love listening to courses while I drive. Its keeps me positive and focused on what I want. Expanding my mind keeps me sharp as I constantly learn and grow while creating the life I desire.

So I'm in the process of creating a bagillion (yes that is a lot) of on-line courses exclusively for YOU. EVERYTHING you need to “move the needle” at your own pace and place.

Inundate yourself with positivity (repetition is the second law of learning - you know) release the old baggage, become emotionally current, figure out exactly what you want, focus on it, be grateful, have a plan and take real action. These are some of the steps for real change to occur. 

I lead you through all of this and more from the comfort of your own home, office or car, anytime and anyplace. When you purchase any of the life changing digital mindset courses you will have instant access.

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