About Dawn, the Founder

I’m Dawn Larson (Depke), the founder and creative behind this empowerment brand and I’m so glad our paths crossed. It’s my passion to work with motivated, spiritual souls like you, seeking self- discovery, desiring to learn and grow on every level.

Together we’ll uncover the “mental blind spots” that are holding you back. Release limiting identities, beliefs, decisions, and past traumas. Find out what really motivates and inspires you. Create new empowering beliefs. Create a simple, step by step plan that works for you to move the needle and increase the results you desire in many areas of life.

This journey will ignite your curiosity, empower you, inspire you, have you reconnect with your inner-self and love life on so many levels. You’re a unique soul, with a unique purpose, and I know you’re ready for this journey or you wouldn’t be here.

If your interested in taking this inward journey of self-discovery, contact me at info@VibrantandAliveNow.com.

If you are the type of person who likes credentials, here are mine…

In 1998 I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotion and Education with an emphasis in Women’s Health, I’m board certified in the following: NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, TIME Techniques Practitioner and Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Trainer, Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner and Trainer, Master Success and Life Coach and Trainer, Massage Therapy and Bodywork.

I am certified in Oriental Bodywork, Shiatsu, Ashiatsu, Cranial Sacral therapy, Sacred Journey Therapy and am a Reiki Master. I taught Eastern Philosophy, Shiatsu and Cranial Sacral Therapy in Milwaukee and Chicago and was a birthing and postpartum Doula.

I’ve been in private practice since 2000. I lead intimate workshops, speak to small and large groups about spiritual healing and shape-shifting their mindset and am currently writing courses, books and manuals to help the Planet evolve to the next level.

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