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About Vibrant and Alive Now

Hello Vibrant Soul! Welcome to the empowering, results driven, shape-shifting mindset brand, Vibrant and Alive NOW. This is a place where powerful, brave souls like you, take a journey inward, reconnect and align with your higher conscious self, breakthrough limitations, release the past and ignite your inner strength and reach levels of happiness and success […]

About Dawn, the Founder

I’m Dawn Larson (Depke), the founder and creative behind this empowerment brand and I’m so glad our paths crossed. It’s my passion to work with motivated, spiritual souls like you, seeking self- discovery, desiring to learn and grow on every level. Together we’ll uncover the “mental blind spots” that are holding you back. Release limiting […]

What if you could drink a “healing elixir” and have your life be exactly the way you dreamed it could be?

What would you create for yourself? Really think about it… At Vibrant and Alive NOW, my passion, inspiration and commitment is to help you shape-shift your mind and blast through life-long obstacles, dis-empowering beliefs and negative emotions that prevent you from living that life, you know that life that gets you out of bed excited […]